Mission Statement and Core Values

    Mission Statement

    Alara’s mission is to become a mid-tier mineral producer with a focus on mineral deposits and projects in the Middle East region.

    We will deliver maximum shareholder value through profitable growth, development of low cost operations and through stability and sustainability over time.

    Core Values


    Alara will pursue excellence and will strive for relevant best practice combined with a fit-for-purpose approach through continuous improvement and teamwork in all aspects of our business.

    To achieve our goals we will ensure our employees and business partners have the appropriate skills and resources to perform their work effectively and efficiently. We will foster an open and supportive environment in all activities and relationships.


    Alara will show consideration for and value our employees, our Joint Venture and other business partners, our customers, our suppliers, our communities and governments, and the social and physical environment in which we operate.


    Alara and its employees are committed to fairness and honesty and will operate with transparency and accountability at all levels of the business.