Mullaq Copper-Gold Project

Mullaq Exploration License

The Project is being operated by Al Hadeetha Resources LLC (AHRL) which is a joint venture between Alara Oman Operations Pty Ltd (wholly owned subsidiary of Alara Resources Ltd), Al Hadeetha Investments LLC, and Al Tasnim Infrastructure LLC. 

The Mullaq Exploration License area is adjacent to Wash-hi Exploration License. The Mullaq prospect lies within the Oman Mountains, approximately 160 km south-east of Muscat.

Previous explorers in the Mullaq License area discovered copper mineralization in layered gabbro sequence, yet a large part of the tenement still remains unexplored. So far, no resource modeling has been conducted at Mullaq, however geophysical surveys and drilling campaigns by Alara have identified the presence of potential copper mineralisation in the area.

A mining license application was submitted within the exploration license area. The application is still under process.

Mullaq Copper and Gold